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demo1 We do offer training for RC enthusiasts. We can provide training in Chennai and Coimbatore. Apart from this we help college’s and other educational institutes set up aeromodelling clubs in their campus.We also provide help to students who want to pursue the hobby as a project by providing special concessional rate. Before we proceed to actually building a flying model, let us explore the different types of flying models. They may be classified very basically as: A. Powered or B. Unpowered whether they have a source of power (such as a motor or an engine) to assist their flying. Also, depending on the method by which they are controlled in flight, flying aeromodels may be classified as I. Free flight models (with only built-in controls) II. Control-line models or III. Radio-controlled models.



Aero modeling club

demoAviation Field Related to Aeromodeling

1. As an introduction to aviatin for your enthusiastic students, I would like to introduce an Aeromodelling work shop which consists of flight theory in a wide perspective, practical knowledge regarding a modern aircraft, theory regardin g the flight characteristics of an airborne aircraft etc., which helps them tp recognize the sophisticated technology that dominates the aviation industry.

2. I assure the above course which i offe will provide immense help to your students so that they can acquire sufficent knowledge regarding today’s aviatin.

3. I offer you a concession basic package of Rs.300/- per head.
Training Details

We teach flying Remote Control line Aircrafts and Helicopters.

We conduct workshops for all age groups. The workshop includes building small models planes and gliders which are used to explain science behind flight and forces of flight etc.

We give personal training in scale modeling, working on paper planes, making planes from materials such as balsa, foam, thermocole etc.

If you have purchase a kit and want assistance we would be too glad to help you build the model. Our workshop is fully equipped with all the tools and parts necessary for building kits.